You and Your ‘Born Again’ Breasts; Breast Implants

Taking care of your implants can sometimes be more important then the surgery itself. But even before that doctors have to follow a few rules.
Dr. Robert Backstein is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon at the Steeles Avenue Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto. He explained the “guidelines” when it comes to breast implants.
“Someone who is a candidate (for breast implants) is someone whose breasts are fully developed, are in good health, and seem to be mentally and emotionally stable and is doing it for positive reasons,” he said.
According to Backstein, age is also a factor when it comes to implants. On the younger side of the spectrum he cuts them off at age 20.
“If you look at the extremes of age, like too young, you’re going to be concerned that their breast development is still in the process of occurring,” he said. “So it’s like eating a half-baked cake.”
He wants to ensure the breasts have finished growing and that they have good reasons as well.
“You have to consider motivation like why are they doing this,” He said. “Is this younger person looking in a very short term way and just met a guy that wants her to have implants?”
Melissa Lore, 29, is from Oakville and works as a Girl of Glam. She got her implants two years ago and said she had always wanted them.
“I just finally did it,” she said. “My best friend got reductions the same day as me so it was sort of cool that we could go together.”
Lore’s breasts before the surgery were a size B. She didn’t go too big and only went up one size to a C.
“A lot of times, people don’t even notice.” she said.
Carole Lake, 53, is a stay-at-home mom from Oakille. She got her implants when she was 34. She had waited until after she had two children to get the surgery, ages 21 and 19.
“I knew that when you got pregnant, like when you breastfeed, they get huge,” she said. “So I would look pretty weird because they would be giant.”
Lake had lopsided breasts, which made her very self-conscious about her body.
She was an A cup on the right-side and a B on the left.
“They were so lopsided,” she said. “I used to have to try to put something in my right breast to make it seem a little bit bigger.”
After Lake’s surgery she finally had her perfect breasts, but that didn’t last for long. When it came to the aftercare, she was so drugged up on pain killers that she couldn’t remember what to do. Her doctor had put a band around her chest to push down the implants so they wouldn’t heal too high up on the chest.
“They had me on three painkillers every four hours and I was so out of it,” she said. “So after a couple of days, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this band shouldn’t be on top of my breasts, it should be under my breasts.’”
Lake’s breasts then ended up healing higher than they should’ve been.
“My nipples are not in a good place for where the implants fit,” she said. “I didn’t end up with breasts that looked really good.”
The aftercare for breast implants, according to Backstein, is extremely important and can determine how the breasts will turn out.
“Checkups are done for a reason and instructions are given for a reason,” he said.
Backstein also added that in order to get perfect results, the aftercare must be taken very seriously.
“It’s very important,” he said. “A patient who follows the post-operative instructions and shows up for their checkups and gives the surgeon the opportunity to intervene early if something is going wrong, is much more likely to have a good outcome.”
Lake felt heartbroken when her breasts didn’t end up like she hope.
Although they weren’t perfect she said that she would never get rid of her implants.
“I was so insecure about the way I was before about being so flat and I would never want to be without them,” She said. “You feel so feminine with breasts and I had never felt that way when I was flat-chested.”

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